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Brandi Kennedy & Courageous

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Please help me welcome Author Brandi Kennedy to my blog today! She has a new book coming out on August 20th (today!) so check out her info:

When Allie Jensen opens her door to let the new bodyguard in, the last face she expects to see is that of her high school crush, the boy who broke her heart. She tries to play it off, but the past is heavy on her mind. So when danger intrudes on her quiet little haven, will Allie be COURAGEOUS enough to leave the past behind her?

Also by Brandi:

The Kingsley Series

Fat Chance, Book One
Prescription For Love, Book Two
Wrestling Harmony, Book Three

The Selkie Trilogy

Selkie, Part One

The Freedom Series

Fighting For Freedom

Author Bio:

What is your name? Do you use a pen name (if so, why?)?
  • My name really is Brandi Kennedy – I’m proud of my writing, and I have no reason to write with anything other than my real name.

Tell me a bit about yourself:
  • Well, I’m 31, and I think my largest accomplishment to date is mothering my kids. I’ve got two daughters, and there’s nothing I take as seriously as my responsibility to them as their mom. After mothering duties, my life revolves around building my career as a romance author, which has been my dream since I was a child. Other than that, I’m just mostly a regular girl. I love music, movies, and good TV. I love books of almost all kinds, crafting, and photography (I even took my own author photo!). I have BIG travel dreams, the sweetest dog on the planet, and a super varied personality – I can be introverted and shy, or totally outgoing, quiet or loud. Whichever me I’m being though, you can count on one thing: I’m unbelievably emotional, and I feel everything with complete passion. Maybe that’s why I write in the first place – to release “the feels.”

What type of genre do you write?
  • I don’t write just one, actually. I mostly write romance, and all of my books so far have an element of romance running through them in some way. My Kingsley Series is contemporary romance, and they are largely what you’d imagine a crossover NA/A Contemporary Romance series to be. The Selkie Trilogy is fantasy/romance, and the Freedom Series is women’s fiction/romance. My new short story, Courageous, is a romantic suspense, which may or may not eventually be extended into a series as well.

What genre to you personally read?
  • Mostly, I read romance. But I also enjoy fantasy, dystopian, mysteries and thrillers. I like comedies, too, and I really like sagas and long series’ because I get attached to the characters. Sometimes, I even like non-fiction – I’ll read biographies, memoirs, comedy, whatever strikes me in the moment.

Tell me about your latest?
  • Courageous is a short romantic suspense that I wrote for the East Tennessee Creative Writer’s Alliance short story contest in April 2015 – it’s my very first contest entry, and also my first win! The story is about an actress named Allie Jensen, whose security guard is being temporarily replaced due to illness. But when she opens the door to meet the new guard, she is in for a major surprise, and that’s only the beginning of the most hectic night of her life. The official blurb says: “When Allie Jensen opens her door to let the new bodyguard in, the last face she expects to see is that of her high school crush, the boy who broke her heart. She tries to play it off, but the past is heavy on her mind. So when danger intrudes on her quiet little haven, will Allie be COURAGEOUS enough to leave the past behind her?”

What sparked your passion for books and the art of a good story? Is there a particular book that changed or affected your life in a big way?
  • I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl – honestly, I’ve been writing for so long, I can’t remember a moment when I just became a writer. I always felt like I was just born with writing planted somewhere in my soul. It’s my “thing,” I guess. But I do remember one moment when I decided I wanted to be an author, and I remember the moment so vividly, if I close my eyes, I can still feel the embossed print on the front of my first drugstore paperback romance. It was Love Only Once by Johanna Lindsey; it had a yellow cover with print that stood up from the paper, and the story inside was unlike anything I had ever experienced at that time. I’ve read it probably a dozen times, and I’ve been in love with romance ever since the first. I’m not sure I’d have chosen writing as a career option if not for that pivotal moment.

Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
  • Most of my books have an undercurrent of personal strength. It’s so important for people to nurture a sense of confidence and self-respect. I think there’s a wealth of books out there, especially in the romance genre, that focus on co-dependency and so many different aspects of unhealthy or abusive relationships – I want my books to be different. They have real-life characters, but they are also strong people that I hope will inspire the people who read them.

What has been your best moment as a writer?
  • 1.) Holding my first book in my hands for the first time in print. I cried.
  • 2.) Reaching a best seller list for the first time on Amazon. I cried.
  • 3.) Talking to Marie Force one day about writing and publishing. For her, it was probably just a regular thing, but for me, that was huge. I’m sure you can imagine how I reacted to having “met” her …

Who is your author idol?
  • Diana Gabaldon, no contest.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
  • Sure. I think there’s a little of me in all of them. But there’s a little of a lot of other people, too. I think that’s the nature of writing. Art imitates life, or so they say.

Do you feel like your dream has come true or is there much more to do?
  • Well, I’ve come a long way, and I have a career that I’m proud of. But am I finished? No. Not by a long shot. I like to think I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life – it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and I still have so many goals to reach.

What does your workspace look like?
  • That depends on when and where I’m working. If I’m at home, I’m usually in the living room with my laptop. If I’m in my room at night and trying to be quiet because my girls are sleeping, or if I’ve run away from home to write in peace, then I’m handwriting on my tablet. If I’m on the go and for some reason my tablet isn’t charged, then I’ll even write on my phone. In an emergency, I’ll have pen and paper handy – really all that matters to me is that it’s quiet and I can think. The medium and the actual setting don’t really matter as much.

Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to quit?
  • Yes, but not because of reviews or word counts or any of the things that are hard about being a writer. For me, it was a challenge to go from being a stay at home mom to a work at home mom. It’s hard to find the right balance when your work and your home are in the same place, and one is always intruding on the other. When I realized that my kids were deliberately sabotaging my writing time because they wanted their mommy back, I almost just gave it up right then. But no, this is my dream. I’m just working on balancing work-a-holic and mom-a-holic, learning that I can do both.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
  • Mom duties. Cook, clean, play, teach, drive to appointments and play dates and school. When I’m not being mom or writer, then I read. I listen to music almost every minute that I’m awake, I surf the web, I watch TV. I’m a very serious WWE fanatic. You know, the usual.

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?
  • Balance, for sure. You need to be able to balance writing and living, and balance being in the real world with being in the worlds you create. And having a thick skin is valuable, too. You need to be really secure in yourself and your writing, otherwise you can’t maintain your own voice. And while you need to keep reader feedback in mind, you can be made or broken by one person’s opinion – but that isn’t always easy to remember.

Did you have a moment when you realized you were meant to be a writer?
  • Not  really. I’ve been doing it off and on all my life … I was writing stories by hand as a kid, and then I was still writing when I had an old-school DOS computer, back when floppy disks were actually floppy. It’s more high-tech now, sure … but writing is writing. I think I need to write almost as much as I need to breathe.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • 1.) If you don’t love it enough to be willing to work at being good at it, then don’t do it. Sometimes you have to work to develop a talent, no matter how present it is. If you don’t care enough to make the effort, don’t waste other peoples’ time and money.
  • 2.) If you do care enough to work at it and be serious, then be serious. Work on your writing. Polish it. Proof it. Edit it. Edit it again. And again. After that, let some other people read it. See if they like it. If they do (and it’s not just because your mom thinks you’re the next best thing), then get a serious editor. Have them go over your work and re-check all of your editing, lots of times. You don’t have to be perfect, but please, be serious. Don’t crowd the waters if you don’t actually want to swim.

After this book, what is next?
  • More books, of course.

Your website/blog?
  • I try to post at least once a week on my blog site, which is also where I keep pages of all my book information. Buy links are there, blurbs, cover images, my official bio. And I talk about everything there, from writing to reading, to what’s been going on in my life. It’s a great place to get to know me, both as a writer, and as a person.

Other websites?

Where can your book be found?
  • Purchase links can be found on my website, where I have links to all of my books and all their available markets. But if you like things simple, just head on over to You can find all six of my books there, in e-book and paperback formats.
  • Thanks so much for having me! It was great to be featured here today, and I hope to see you again on social media!

Please thank Brandi for joining us today! Please check out her books and her links! Thanks Brandi!

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Summer Author blog hop!

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We have 25 Authors participating in this blog hop. Below you can find the list of the Authors.

1. Ariel Marie  9. Janine Infante Bosco  17. M. Dylan Blair  
2. A.M. Willard  10. Alathia Paris Morgan  18. L.A. Remenicky  
3. Stephanie Hoffman McManus  11. Jen Winters  19. Jodie Pierce  
4. J. Haney  12. Ani H. Manjikian  20. Lu J Whitley  
5. Ivy Love  13. CK Dawn  21. Poppy Lawless  
6. Krystal White  14. Carol Cassada  22. Lily Luchesi  
7. Ryanne Anthony  15. Jenna Galicki  23. Chrissy Moon  
8. Kandice Michelle Young  16. Ellie Keys  24. Jessica Wren  

In the meantime, I'm still promoting my newest book, A Society Intoxicated with Vampires!

It's a mix of non-fiction as well as some fiction. It's a sort of Vampire Handbook!

Why is our society intoxicated with vampires? Is it because the male vampire characters have been romanticized by movies and book covers? The vampire was actually a vial and foul creature, preying on the weak humans and animal race. This book covers the truths, myths, my take and fun surrounding the vampire. Be prepared to learn something you never knew about the vampire and take a trip down memory lane within this book. I hope you enjoy it!

Everyone who leaves a comment there and their fb username, will receive an ecopy of the above book but giveaway ends 8/25.

You can find me at:

Thanks all!

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Author Lindsey Jayne & Conquering the Witch: Book 2 of the Faction series

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I want you to help me give a warm welcome to a great new friend, Lindsey Jayne today on my blog.

Her new book, Conquering the Witch was just released today! You don't want to miss these 2 books and there's the final installment being worked on as we speak. Oh, I can't wait!!
Here's the information about book 2!

Synopsis/blurb for Book 2 - Conquering the Witch

How do you take control of your present, when the past threatens to destroy you?

Four weeks have gone by since Elora Lincoln’s kidnap. Four weeks since evil witch, Cassandra tried to murder her and sacrifice her unborn child in the name of her deadly beliefs.
Elora is fighting on, determined to be able to protect the ones she loves from her enemies, getting to grips with the magic gifted to her from a long line of Superior white witches, and learning to cope with what happened to her and her daughter.
Not to mention her ex-boyfriend, Daniel’s bloody attack on DCI Amelia Ellis.
Nightmares of the brutal assault plague her, but not only that, something from her past is trying to warn her – but warn her of what? She struggles to understand.

Cassandra is still on the loose, and Faction General, Lucas and his team must align with another group to track her down before she succeeds in one of her ungodly schemes.
And then the unthinkable happens.
Cassandra kidnaps Elora again and, this time, she is taking no chances. The white witch has something she wants, and it isn’t just her baby.
As Elora lives through indescribable acts of torment orchestrated by the two people intent on bringing on her complete destruction, the Faction’s Second-in-Command, Deacon must battle unspeakable powers to save her once again.
But it’s not that easy.
Another force battles against them all, and it’s a lot closer to home than they think.

Here's my review for book 2:
This book was even better than the first one! The story carried over seamlessly. The Author has a way of writing that just draws you in and makes you feel like the story is happening around you.
You have the synopsis above so I'll let you read that as I don't want to give anything away! The emotions in this book run very high. I found myself living and dying with every word. The connection the Author establishes between reader and characters is refreshing and hard to do but she does it very well. This book is also an A+++ and I can't wait to read the third and final (boohoo) book where hopefully everyone gets their comeuppances!

Synopsis/blurb for Book 1 - Invoking the Witch

A group of women have a dark and forbidding goal in mind.
They want to raise hell, and they’re murdering witches and sacrificing their unborn babies in the name of their deadly beliefs.

General Lucas Drake leads a unit of elite, vampire warriors known as the Faction, tasked with safeguarding the apprised human population against anything immorally supernatural. So when Lucas gets the call that pregnant women are being murdered in a manner suggesting witchcraft he enlists the help of paranormally-adept DCI Amelia Ellis and her team.
Together they discover a horror with frightening complications involving black magic, death and sacrifice, but to what end? How do they find who’s committing such brutal atrocities with no leads and time running out?

Pregnant Elora Lincoln is a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. When the abuse turns violent, Elora leaves him, but not before her mentally malicious boyfriend tells her that they are coming for her, and she had better watch out. They will stop at nothing until they get what they want – by any means necessary.
In order to protect her from Daniel she is taken to the Compound – a secured building that houses the General and his team.

But how does Elora fit into all of this? Is she another pawn in this game? The answers lie in her ghostly past.
Beyond scared she seeks comfort in the arms of Deacon, The General’s second in command. He promises to protect her, but fails when she is kidnapped from right in front of him. After discovering what is in store for her, can Deacon save her in time before she becomes another victim in this dark game?

Here's my review for book 1:
Invoking the Witch was the perfect title for this book! I found myself in this story as one of the characters and could easily relate to the story. It was if the Author wrote it just for me which I not easy to do.
Pregnant women are disappearing and when they are found, their babies have been cut from their wombs. Spring into action Ameila, DCI, who has been assigned to solve these murders. The things she sees, battles she has to make it through along with the sexual tension between her and Blake are enough to make her crazy. Nothing in her past cases have prepared her for this case.
The Author, Lindsey Jayne’s writing is wonderful and relatable. She has a way of drawing the reader in, gripping you and pulling you through the book. I started reading the book and could barely function until I could read more. It’s a story that’s stuck with me and probably one of the best Paranormal stories I’ve read in a long time. She’s got a new book called Allegra’s Song, an erotic tale and I can’t wait to read it also. Hope she does more of The Faction Series, Invoking the Witch is just the beginning. She leaves it on a cliffhanger so if you like books that are all tidied up in the end, this one is not for you but it’ll convert you. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series!!! A++++ book!!

Author Bio:

Lindsey lives in Derby, England with her partner, Simon and their Bedlington Terrier, Huxley

While she loves to read and write, she also likes to shop for expensive luxuries she likely doesn't need, with money she definitely does not have! In order to fund her addiction, she works full time as a Recruitment Consultant.

When she isn't indulging in a spot of retail therapy, she can be found glued to some form of computer playing one 'shoot 'em up' game or another! She also likes painting, photography, interior design and psychology.

She isn't a complete hermit, though. She also loves to spend time with her family, friends and loved ones doing any number of socially acceptable (most of the time) things.

She is a huge fan of paranormal, thrillers and erotic fiction. And if all three are combined, she is in heaven. Especially when it comes to Alpha males!!!

Find me links:

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One random commenter and one random host will receive a small swag bag from Lindsey!

 Keep Writing Lindsey and we'll keep reading! Please check out and follow Lindsey on all her links above. Don't let this one past ya!

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Author Robyn Bachar & The Sephra's Tear; Just One Spell

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Please help me welcome Author Robyn Bachar to my blog today!

The Sephra’s Tear
Just One Spell
Book One
Robyn Bachar

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Robyn Bachar

Date of Publication: 06/01/15

ISBN: Ebook 978-0-9963490-1-7
ISBN: Print 978-0-9963490-0-0

Number of pages: 318
Word Count: 63,770

Cover Artist: Amygdala Design

Book Description:

Just one spell will change their fates…

Cordelia is a pawn of House Dorchada—a notorious noble family comprised of thieves, assassins and dark wizards. Desperate to avoid their poisonous politics, Cordelia plotted her escape for years, but her carefully laid plans are jeopardized when her father commands her to marry an aged lord of Frostever.

With only a few short months left before her wedding, Cordelia’s salvation hinges on creating a Sephra’s Tear—a forbidden amulet that causes overwhelming lust in its victim. A black market buyer promises a life-changing amount of coin as payment for the Tear, but being caught creating it carries a death sentence.

Two wizards are needed to produce the passion to fuel the erotic spell, so Cordelia recruits the aid of peasant wizard Nathaniel Ravenwood. Nathaniel has long denied his desire for the beautiful Cordelia. As a noblewoman and a Dorchada she is as dangerous to Nathaniel as a viper, but the fortune she offers is a temptation he can't refuse.

Dealing in dark magic comes with a price, and Cordelia and Nathaniel risk losing their freedom—and their hearts. Their fates depend on the one spell that will free them, or destroy them.


“Have you made your decision?” she blurted.
“I have. I see you have quite a few books on Majera.”
Cordelia frowned at the change in subject. “And here I thought I’d done a good job of hiding them. I don’t want to appear too interested, lest they look for us there.”
“What will you do there? They are strict about punishing wizards who cast illegal spells.”
“The Tear will be my first and last illegal spell. I imagine we’ll do much the same that we do here—sell potions and robes.”
“You won’t live like this if you do.” Nathaniel waved a hand at their opulent surroundings.
“All this is a gilded cage. I’d rather starve as a wizard than live comfortably as a bored lady of the house.”
He shook his head. “I doubt you’ve ever gone hungry.”
“Would you give up your magic and live a life where you’re expected to only concern yourself with the goings on in the kitchen and the quality of the linens? Oh, and be expected to pleasure a stranger forty years your senior whenever he wishes, for the express purpose of providing him with mageblooded children? Children who will undoubtedly be sold one day to seal some political deal, just as you were?”
“I’m sure it’s not so terrible.” His expression was skeptical, and she shook her head.
“Spoken like a man. Most noblewomen are little more than broodmares in a luxurious stable. I want more than that.” Cordelia pushed the thoughts away, determined not to dwell further on Lord Eben. Nathaniel studied her with a thoughtful expression, and she was distracted by how tall he was—even taller than her brother Alexander, who had loomed over her like an ill-tempered mountain since they were children.
“Are you going to help me create the Tear?” she asked.
“Yes, I am.”
She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”
“Do not thank me, my lady. My poverty has overwhelmed my better sense, otherwise I wouldn’t agree to this. But I have done some research these past few days, reading about similar lust spells, and as I understand it the Sephra’s Tear is quite unique. We can’t approach this like any other simple spell or potion.”
Cordelia’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Oh? Why not?”
Taking her hands in his, he drew her over to the divan. Nathaniel ran his thumbs across her knuckles and she shivered at his touch. “A Sephra’s Tear is more than just a lust spell. That is part of what makes it difficult to cast. Any pair of wizards can manage the basic…physical requirements of a lust spell, but a Tear needs the intense pleasure that results from truly understanding your partner’s needs. It requires intimate knowledge. Not just of how to please each other, but how to prolong the experience enough to create a potent Tear.” Nathaniel paused, as though searching for the right words to explain before continuing. “If you’ll forgive the example, it is the difference between having a lover and visiting a whore.”
“I see.” Cordelia licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. “I hadn’t considered that.” She had never let anyone know her so intimately—Cordelia’s previous lovers had only seen the polite facade of the Lady Dorchada. She had never trusted any lover enough to be completely honest with them.
“Are you certain you still wish to do this?”

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About the Author

Robyn Bachar enjoys writing stories with soul mates, swords, spaceships, vampires and gratuitous violence against the kitchen sink. Her books have finaled twice in the PRISM Contest for Published Authors, twice in the Passionate Plume Contest, and twice in the EPIC eBook Awards. As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in mmorpgs.

You can find Robyn online at and on Twitter at @RobynBachar.

Website    Newsletter    Twitter     Blog

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1 $25 Amazon gift card

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Please thank Robyn for joining us today! Please check out her links!

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Author Mary Sage Nguyen & The Malevolent Twin

Hi all!

Please help me welcome Author Mary Sage Nguyen to my blog today!

The Malevolent Twin
Book One
Mary Sage Nguyen

Genre: Young Adult, Suspense, Thriller,
Mystery, and a little bit of science fiction.

Date of Publication: April 2015

ISBN: 978-0996256100
Kindle ISBN: 978-0996256117
Smashwords ISBN: 978-0996256124

Ebook: 123 pages
Word Count: 37,560

Cover Artist:

Book Description:

A murderous wicked twin.

An innocent, law abiding, and oblivious girl.

The ultimate brawl between contrasting sisters!

Murder, mystery, suspense and more

In The Malevolent Twin

Avery is a normal teenager, except for Venice. Venice is Avery’s imaginary friend or so she thinks. When the two begin to fight. Avery starts her investigation, to figure out what Venice really is. She encounters a wise old exorcist, and an albino psychic who assist her, with attempting to remove Venice. Which comes too late as Venice goes on a murdering rampage using Avery’s body. Does Avery survive the Wrath of Venice?

Find out in… The Malevolent Twin

Available at BN   Amazon


Chapter Four
Venice Revealed

            Avery closed her laptop. It was getting hot from being overworked. She laid back and immersed herself in the soft covers. She dreamed again that night.
She was six years old. Her father had left fresh bruises all over her body. Avery was in her room crying. Her siblings had been lucky not to be sick that day. Avery wiped the tears off her face with her blanket. She knew better. She knew she should have kept out of his way. Avery was hungry and wanted something to eat. This was why she woke him up. Her dad was upset and still drunk from the whiskey.
            “Are you okay?” she heard a voice say behind her. Avery looked over to see Venice. The Asian girl walked over to Avery and started to stroke her back. Her touch was cold as usual. This girl wouldn’t leave Avery alone.
            “No…” Avery said, suppressing tears.
            “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay,” Venice whis- pered.
            “How do you know? You aren’t even real.” Avery could feel the excruciating pain in her back. The fever came back. She had managed to make this girl angry once again.
            “I am real!” Venice screamed at the top of her lungs. Avery could feel Venice’s cold hands grasp her around the throat. 
            “Please… Let go…” Avery managed to say. Venice con- tinued to stifle her windpipe.
            “Say I am real! Say you will be my friend.”
            “Alright… I will be your friend.” Avery felt Venice’s grasp weaken.
Avery looked up to see Venice staring at her. She looked malevolent. She flashed Avery an evil smile.
            “Why do you want me to be your friend so bad Venice?
            “Why?” Avery asked.
            “You are all I have. I don’t have anyone else to talk to,” Venice replied. She didn’t seem as malevolent now.
            “I am really all you have?” Avery asked.
            “Yes, I have no one else to talk to…” For the first time Venice looked vulnerable and harmless.
            “So, friends?” Venice asked extending her hand to Avery. She shook Venice’s cold hand and made her a promise to be friends forever.
            Avery woke up from the dream. It was a memory she had suppressed some time ago. She had forgotten all about their deal. Avery was beginning to wonder why Venice had stuck around all these years. If she was truly an imaginary friend, wouldn’t she have left years ago? Avery was beginning to think Venice was something else. Something more than just a fig- ment of her imagination.
            “Hey there!” a voice interrupted her thoughts. Avery glanced up to see Venice. She was dressed in a provocative tight dark blue dress. It had lacy sleeves. The dress made every angle on her body pop. This time she materialized with heavy blue eye shadow. On her feet were suede blue booties.
            “Wow…” Venice smiled.
            “I know, don’t you love this dress and my hair.” Venice’ hair was curly and tied up in loose ponytail which she pulled forward.
            “You look great!” “Yes, I know.”
            “I have a question Venice.” Avery pushed her covers off and turned on the fan.
            “Go ahead and ask me.” Venice replied. She snapped her fingers and a long white cigarette appeared. She took a deep breath and inhaled the cigarette.
            “Why are you still here?” Venice did her best not to look startled.
            “I am here because I am part of you.”
            “What do you mean?” Avery asked. The room was starting to feel chilly. Avery started to feel the old Venice emerging again.
            “I am your sister.” Avery coughed.
            “What do you mean my sister?” Venice’s face began to dis- tort.
            “I mean your sister. We are twins.” Avery began getting a splitting headache.
            “Twins? Twins? What do you mean twins?” Her headache did not subside. In fact it grew worse. The room was a blur.. “Tell me Venice, tell me what you really are?”
            “I just told you. Accept it. You are part of me and I am part of you.” Avery started to feel dizzy.

About the Author

Mary Sage Nguyen is the youngest daughter of Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. Vietnamese was the language spoken at home, so the only way she was able to learn English was through the public school system. Even though English was not spoken at home, Mary became an avid reader as a young child and always dreamed of being a writer someday.

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