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Wendy Owens & Wash Me Away

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Book & Author Details:

Wash Me Away by Wendy Owens
Publication date: April 27th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult


Monsters have a way of following you.
Immersed in a new world at boarding school, Addy Buckley learns she’s not the only one with secrets. While trying to navigate the minefield of painful lies that seem to be rattling around her family’s past, she meets soft on the eyes and heavy on the heart, Napoleon Blake.
When faced with the darkness, Addy must decide to cling to her new life and friends or let the monster carry her away. The choice is hers, sink or swim.

Excerpt from Wash Me Away

“Do you ever feel like you don’t even know the people in your life?” I say from complete impulse.
Leo moves between me and the edge of the cliffside. “Are we talking family or friends?”
“Family, I suppose.”
He doesn’t answer me right away. He shifts his weight, even though there isn’t much of it to shift, from foot to foot. Finally, he lets out an exasperated breath.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m even talking about this, it really is nothing.” I take a couple steps back, waving my hands in the air. “I should probably just get back to class.”
"Life is a burden to me. Nothing gives me pleasure. I find only sadness in everything around me. It is very difficult because of the ways of those with whom I live, and probably always shall live, are as different from mine as moonlight is from sunlight.”
I looked down at my muddy shoes. If this is a movie quote, it is absolutely not from one I have ever seen. I can feel my throat tighten as I think about his statement.
Leo continues, “Napoleon Bonaparte said that at the age of seventeen. My father named me after him because he was a brilliant strategist. He understood the behaviors of men, and what kinds of actions would elicit what responses. As I learned about Napoleon, I came to realize we had more in common than just our names.”
“You’re a good general?” I snort a laugh through the snot.
“No, dork.” He smiles. “He couldn’t relate to his father, and, after being moved to France, he had trouble relating to his classmates as well. Burton is France.”
“I didn’t realize you hated it so much here.”

He shakes his head. “You don’t have to hate something to know it isn’t right.

Interview with Napoleon Blake, featured character in Wash Me Away.

Interviewer: I’m sure a lot of our readers would love to know how a day in the life of Napoleon Blake looks. Are you an early riser?

NB: *laughs. You know what they say, early to bed, early to rise makes people suspicious.

Interviewer: Okay, so not an early bird. How do you like to spend your free time?

NB: Well there’s how I like spending my free time and how I actually do.

Interviewer: Meaning?

NB: Like most red blooded american teenage boys I’d like to spend all my time having sex.

Interviewer: With?

NB: Again, like most, any willing participant would be considered. But of course when I am not thinking about the obvious, I’m out riding my skateboard or hiking. Oh, and then of course movies, I’m always consuming quality films.

Interviewer: Speaking of films, I hear you’re a bit of a movie buff.

NB: Some might say that.

Interviewer: What are some of your favorite films?

NB: I really hate that question. It’s like asking someone which kid is their favorite.

Interviewer: Isn’t that usually what people say about something they’ve created.

NB: Well it remains true for this to. How can you compare the comedic genius of Airplane to the emotional toll of E.T.

Interviewer: Do you only watch older movies?

NB: Of course not, it’s just ... something resonates with me in their scripts. A lot of people think they’re cheesy in the way that everyone works together to reach a common goal or happy ending, I find it admirable and something we should embrace.

Interviewer: Is there one incident that shaped your life?

NB: *swallows hard. My brother’s death. It made me realize what happens to the people who are left behind after you’re gone. I made the decision I would live the truest and fullest life I could.

Interviewer: Is there one person who always makes you smile?

NB: Well I’m a pretty funny looking guy so whenever I look in the mirror, I tend to laugh.

Interviewer: I doubt much of our female audience would agree with that statement.

NB: Seriously though? I surround myself with friends who make me smile. I can always count on Miyagi for a laugh. I never know what will come out of Julia’s mouth. But if there is one person I had to pick that I would drop everything to hang out with, it would have to be Addy. My head is always spinning with thoughts and ideas, but somehow, when I’m with her it brings me a calm.

Interviewer: Thanks for spending a few minutes with us to answer some questions.

NB: Thanks for getting me out of class for it.

Wash Me Away

Addy Buckley is probably one of the only people in the world who is thankful for a tragedy wrecking her world. For her, the boogyman was real, until one day, she was free, or at least that’s what she believed. Monsters have a way of following you.

Now, immersed in a new world with her Aunt and Uncle, at boarding school, Addy begins to learn she’s not the only one with secrets. While trying to navigate the minefield of painful lies that seem to be rattling around in her family’s past, she meets soft on the eyes, and heavy on the heart, Napoleon Blake. Faced with the darkness, Addy must decide to sink or swim.


YA is published under Wendy L Owens
Adult and NA is published under Wendy Owens

Wendy Owens is a writer, born in the small college town, Oxford Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went onto a career in the visual arts. After several years of creating and selling her own artwork she gave her first love, writing, a try. It’s become a passion ever since. Wendy now happily spends her days writing the stories her characters guide her to tell, admitting even she doesn’t always know where that might lead. Her first series, The Guardians, is a YA fantasy series about angel and human hybrids.

Since then she has branched into NA Contemporary Romance and released titles to include Stubborn Love, Only In Dreams, and Do Anything. Her next romance, The Luckiest is scheduled to be released in July 2014.
When she’s not writing, this dog lover can be found spending time with her tech geek husband, their three amazing kids, and two pups. She loves to cook and is a film fanatic.

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Author Julie Doherty & Scent of the Soul

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Scent of the Soul
Julie Doherty

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication:  February 11, 2015

ISBN:  978-1-61935-705-1

Number of pages: 288
Word Count:  91,000

Cover Artist: Leah Suttle

Book Description: 

In twelfth century Scotland, it took a half-Gael with a Viking name to restore the clans to their rightful lands. Once an exile, Somerled the Mighty now dominates the west. He’s making alliances, expanding his territory, and proposing marriage to the Manx princess.

It’s a bad time to fall for Breagha, a torc-wearing slave with a supernatural sense of smell.

Somerled resists the intense attraction to a woman who offers no political gain, and he won’t have a mistress making demands on him while he’s negotiating a marriage his people need. Besides, Breagha belongs to a rival king, one whose fresh alliance Somerled can’t afford to lose.

It’s when Breagha vanishes that Somerled realizes just how much he needs her. He abandons his marriage plans to search for her, unprepared for the evil lurking in the shadowy recesses of Ireland—a lustful demon who will stop at nothing to keep Breagha for himself.

Available at   Amazon    Amazon UK    Amazon Canada

As Godred’s oarsmen shoved off from the jetty, Somerled wondered if there was any man less suitable to deliver a marriage proposal. Godred of Dublin was coarse, marginally Christian—indeed, marginally sane—and easily riled. Nevertheless, King Olaf liked him, and for that reason alone, Somerled had selected him as his envoy.
“No side trips,” Somerled shouted before Godred was too far away to hear. “Ye have three places to go and that’s it: the Isle of Man, your clan, and back here.” Godred was prone to unscheduled detours.
Unless bad weather or the scent of easy plunder pulled Godred and his thirty oarsmen off course, Somerled would have Olaf’s answer in a few days. If Olaf agreed to the marriage, Somerled would add a wife to the items decorating his new castle at Finlaggan and eventually, the Isle of Man to his expanding area of influence.
The nobles would respect him then. Half-breed or not.
Behind him, a door squealed on one of the two guardhouses standing sentinel over the Sound of Islay. The small building spat out Hakon, his chief guard, another man of Dublin birth and temperament. Hakon strode the length of the jetty to join him. “I have every confidence the Norns will weave Godred a successful journey, my lord king,” he said, his words puffing white clouds above his tawny sheepskin cape.
“If your goddesses have woven anything, it’s an unfortunate headwind,” Somerled said. “Godred is forced to tack.” He closed his cloak and secured it at his throat with a brooch he once plucked from a Viking who no longer needed it. “The wind promises hail. My proposal will be delayed.”
“Aye, likely,” Hakon said, his hair and beard whipping into copper clouds, “but it will hasten Olaf’s reply. Do not despair, my lord. Ragnhilde will marry ye soon enough.”
Despair? Somerled stifled a laugh. Did Hakon think he had feelings for a lassie he had never met? He was about to tease his guard about being a romantic when Hakon stiffened.
“Another ship,” Hakon said, looking past Somerled’s shoulder.
Somerled spun around to inspect the northwestern waters of the channel separating Jura and Islay—the jewel of the Hebrides and the island that served as the seat of his burgeoning kingdom. “Where?” he asked, squinting.
Hakon thrust a finger toward the fog bank blanketing the horizon. “There, at the promontory, in that pale blue strip of water. See it?”
At first, Somerled saw nothing but swooping terns and ranks of swells. Then, an unadorned sail appeared. It crested on a wave, dipped low, and vanished.
“Should I sound the horn?” Hakon asked.
Somerled raked his fingers through the coarse, wheaten mess slapping at his eyes and held it at his nape while he considered his response. Behind them, the signal tower on Ben Vicar was smoke-free. Across the sound, the towers on the frosty Paps of Jura were likewise unlit, although clouds partially obscured their peaks. The Paps had a commanding view. If a signal fire blazed anywhere, the men stationed there would have seen it and lit their own.
“My lord king, should I sound the horn?” Hakon impatiently palmed the battle horn dangling at his broad chest.
Men began to gather on the jetty.
“Let us wait. It is only one ship, and it looks to be a trader. The signal fires would blaze by now if it were someone worthy of our concern.” Somerled glanced back at the mud and thatch cottages shouldering against one another. At their doors, the bows of half his impressive fleet rested on the shoreline, a sandy slip extending well into the distance. The rest of his ships sheltered at the far side of Islay, in Loch Indaal. A signal fire would deploy them quickly and, perhaps, needlessly.
“Alert the village. Have Cormac ready Dragon’s Claw,” he said, “but send only the nyvaigs for now.” The nyvaigs were smaller, but no less deadly. They would be out and back quickly.
Hakon sprinted through the gathering crowd and past the guardhouses. He leapt over a pile of rocks with surprising agility for a man of his years and size. In no time, specialized warriors and oarsmen were boarding the boats. A pony thundered inland, its rider instructed to warn, not panic, the people of Finlaggan.
Though Somerled carried his mighty sword, he had dressed for warmth, not battle. His mail shirt, aketon, and helmet hung in his bedchamber, two miles away in Finlaggan. He singled out a boy in the crowd. “Lad, find me a helmet and a shield, and be quick about it.”
The boy shot like an arrow toward the cottages.
Somerled held his breath as he watched the nyvaigs head out. At the first flash of steel, he would blow the battle horn. His men would light the towers and he would board Dragon’s Claw. The foreigner would be sorry he entered the Sound of Islay.
The ship’s features were barely discernible, but he could see that its high prow lacked a figurehead. He was trying to identify the banner fluttering on its masthead when the ship’s sail dropped and scattered gulls like chaff in the wind. His heart hammered against his chest as he waited for the foreign vessel to sprout oars; it didn’t. It stalled—a sign its crew had dropped anchor.
Dragon’s Claw bobbed next to him at the jetty, her top rail lined with colorful shields and her benches holding sixty-four of his savage warriors. Cormac gripped the tiller, but he would move aside when Somerled barked the order to do so. He would serve as his own shipmaster in the face of an enemy.
Low and curvy with a dragon’s head exhaling oaken flames from her prow, Dragon’s Claw was his favorite vessel, not because she was new or particularly seaworthy, but because he had wrenched her from the last Viking to leave his father’s lands.
The memory of that battle warmed him and occupied his thoughts while the nyvaigs swarmed around the foreigner. Then, they swung about, furled their sails, and rowed for home like many-legged insects skittering on the water’s surface.
When the boats reached the beach, Hakon jumped from his nyvaig and jogged through ankle-deep water, apparently too impatient to wait for his men to haul the vessel’s keel onto the sand. “Well, my lord king,” he said, “it seems to be the day for marriage proposals. It is an envoy from Moray, who comes at the behest of Malcolm. He asks to speak with ye regarding Bethoc.”
“Malcolm MacHeth . . . the Malcolm MacHeth . . . wants my sister?”
He had met Malcolm MacHeth only once, at King David’s court, on a night spoiled by ill-bred lassies who had mocked his foreign garb and speech. Malcolm, a bastard nephew of the Scots king, had observed his humiliation and pretended not to notice.
Yet here was Malcolm of Moray, a claimant to the Scottish throne and a known rebel, seeking Bethoc’s hand in marriage. Tainted bloodline or not, Somerled was apparently worthy of notice now.

About the Author:

Something magical happened in the musty basement of Julie Doherty’s local courthouse. She went there intending to research her ancestry, not lose herself in a wealth of stories, but the ghosts of yesteryear drew her into the past and would not let her go. The trail left by her ancestors in those yellowing documents led her from rural Pennsylvania to the Celtic countries, where her love of all things Irish/Scottish blossomed into outright passion.

She became particularly interested in Somerled, self-styled "King of Argyll" and progenitor of the Lords of the Isles. In 1164, he led a fleet of 164 galleys up the River Clyde in an all-or-nothing attempt to overthrow the Scottish crown. What would lead a man of his advanced years to do such a thing?

Of course, history records he did so because the king demanded forfeiture of his lands. But the writer in Julie wondered ...what if he did it for the love of a woman?

Those early ponderings led to SCENT OF THE SOUL, Julie’s first novel, coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing.

Readers will notice a common theme throughout Julie’s books: star-crossed lovers. This is something she knows a bit about, since during one of her trips to Ireland, she fell in love with an Irishman. The ensuing immigration battle took four long years to win. With only fleeting visits, Skype chats, and emails to sustain her love, Julie poured her heartache into her writing, where it nourished the emotional depth of her characters.

Julie is a member of Pennwriters, Romance Writers of America, Central PA Romance Writers, The Longship Company, Perry County Council of the Arts, and Clan Donald USA. When not writing, she enjoys antiquing, shooting longbow, traveling, and cooking over an open fire at her cabin. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, who sounds a lot like her characters.

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Author T.W. Kirchner & Town from Hell

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Town from Hell
Dagger and Brimstone
Book One
T.W. Kirchner

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/Horror

Publisher: Short on Time Books

Date of Publication: April 19, 2015

ISBN: 1508982635
ASIN: B00V0R61H8

Number of pages: 274
Word Count: 76,636

Cover Artist: Tony Bryson

Book Description:

Seventeen-year-old Racer and his girlfriend Arloe want to be together despite resistance from her parents. In defiance of an upcoming separation, they run away for the summer, going totally off the grid to a remote town in the Nevada desert.

The teens think no one knows where they are—but they couldn’t be more wrong. Racer’s well-orchestrated plan for freedom turns into a nightmare from hell.

Lies, deception and betrayal blur his lines of reality, and he discovers everyone in town is hiding a terrifying secret, including Arloe.

Available at Amazon

The town appeared as a dot over the hill.  Five miles max.  Anticipation overtook my shaky nerves.  We passed several road signs that promoted ‘going green’ and ‘recycling.’  Another sign boasted Winthrop’s claim to fame: Home of the World Famous Green Links Heath Food line. 
     An ancient gray truck with Nevada plates lumbered up the road.  We passed it on the left side like it was standing still.  The old dude driving the clunker stared at me through the open window, a cigarette clenched in his yellowed teeth.  Just as much smoke billowed from the cab as sputtered from the exhaust.  I wondered how the truck made it that far from town…or the old dude for that matter.  Neither he nor his truck modeled ‘going green’ with all the pollution they created.  
     Any other time, I’d have ignored his stare, but it made me uneasy, more so after the gut-wrenching incident moments before.  I reassured myself it didn’t mean anything—no different than all the other stares I’d received though my seventeen years. 
     I pulled off the highway into a run-down gas station on the edge of town, a half mile past the faded wooden ‘Welcome to Winthrop’ sign that likely would topple over in the next stiff breeze.  It didn’t surprise me when Arloe hopped off my bike and flew around the side of the mini-mart toward the ladies’ room.  She didn’t even wait to take off her helmet.  Her urgency made me laugh because I’d always kidded she had the bladder of an ant.  What amazed me was that she hadn’t asked to stop at all in three hours on the road.  For her sake, I hoped the bathroom didn’t require a key. 
     The midday sun blazed hot, yet the intense heat didn’t seem to affect the flies swarming around the overflowing garbage can placed between the two retro pumps.  As I stood up, my butt peeled in layers from the leather seat.  My jeans and boxers fused to my legs from sweat.  I’d never traveled that long a distance on my bike before without stopping, and my aching legs paid the price. 
     Even after I took off my sweltering black helmet and hung it on the handlebar of my once black, now gray-looking bike, the slight breeze didn’t give me any relief.  In fact, it was worse.  The breeze simulated a blow drier set on hot, pointed at my face. 
     A few stray flies abandoned the trash and went on the attack, buzzing around my sweaty head and biting my arms.  I hoped the attraction didn’t indicate I smelled worse than the trash.  One black fly landed on my right bicep inside of my new dagger tattoo.  My hand nicked the annoying pest, but it had already bitten me and buzzed away.  The skin around the tattoo immediately tingled and itched.  Damn.  I ran my hand across my hair.  It was sticky and wet because I sweated faster than the air could dry it.
     As I staggered toward the door to pay for a fill-up, I tried to stretch the stiffness out of my legs while I pulled areas of my soaked jeans away from my skin.  Halfway across the parking lot, the heat from the asphalt felt like it had eaten through the soles of my boots.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if they melted like crayons into a waxy puddle.
     The desert excursion proved interesting at best, so far.  My dark blue jeans had lightened by two shades of dust, my white T-shirt had darkened by two shades of dust, and sandy grit crunched between my teeth even though the helmet’s face shield had been down the whole time. 
     When I pulled open the glass door of the mini-mart, a rusted cowbell clanked across it.  The metal made an ear-splitting slap, and I expected the murky glass to shatter or at least crack, but it didn’t.  I slinked through the door thinking I’d attracted unwanted attention, but the place was almost empty.  The top of the attendant’s head showed behind the counter, but my presence went unacknowledged.  What did I expect in a town of fifty residents that boasted a twenty-foot rattlesnake fashioned from beer bottles as the main attraction?  I ducked into the first aisle.  The half-stocked shelves carried very few of the usual mini-mart snacks but a lot of the Green Links Health Food products.  A half-filled refrigerated section stretched across the back wall. 
     I walked up the second aisle before approaching the faded, red counter, covered almost entirely by paper ads and signs.  The middle-aged attendant relaxed on a wooden barstool with her feet resting on a two-foot stack of magazines piled on the floor.  She slumped over to browse through a magazine spread out on her lap.  The tabletop, portable fan behind the counter blew her frizzy hair all around.  It made an annoying click each time its blades completed a rotation. 
     The attendant ran her knobby pointer finger along the page while she read.  She must have reached the end of the article because she looked up and pushed her wire-framed, granny glasses down on the bridge of her pointy nose.  “Kin I helps ya?”
     This time, I stared.  Her dental work looked like she’d tried to stop a bowling ball with her face.  She lacked every other tooth, and the remaining few resembled gray and yellowish nubs.  She only needed a wart on her chin and a long black dress.  The broom already leaned up against the wall behind her.
     I placed a twenty on the counter.  “Yeah, I need a fill-up.”
     The attendant slid off the barstool and set the magazine down.  The legs on both her and the stool creaked and wiggled.  She tugged at the bottom of her black, oversized tee and pulled up her baggy jeans.  They hung pathetically off her emaciated frame and were frayed at the bottom where they dragged the floor.  She picked up the money, sniffled loudly, and wiped her nose on the back of her vein-popping hand.  “Which pump?”
     I gazed out the huge, front window.  The station only had two pumps, and my bike was the only vehicle around for at least a mile.  I bit my lip and choked back the smartass comment that popped into my mind.  “Pump two, please.”
     Witch Hazel pushed a gold button on the ancient cash register and the drawer barely slid open.  With the swiftness and grace of a baboon wearing a baseball glove, she placed my twenty in the drawer.  I tried to figure out how that register could possibly be connected to the pump when she enlightened me.  “Go on and pump.  Lemme know how much it comes to, and I’ll give ya your change back.”  She slammed the drawer closed.  She looked me up and down.  “You ain’t from around here, are you?”
     I wiped my forehead on the sleeve of my T-shirt, exchanging a layer of sweat for sand.  “No, how’d you guess?”
     She pointed from the cubic stud in my nose, to the gold ring through my eyebrow, and at the three tattoos on my right arm.
     I shrugged.
     She smacked her cracking lips and turned away, only to pick up the magazine and plop back on the creaky barstool.
    I’d already forgotten about the cowbell, and it smashed into the glass again when the door closed behind me.  As I headed over to my bike, Arloe came from around the corner, swinging her helmet back and forth by the chin strap.  She smiled like she’d won the lottery.
     I pushed the nozzle into the gas tank and flipped the lever, unable to hold back my grin.  “Feel better?”
     Arloe hung the bright purple helmet I’d given her on the bike’s handle and snuggled up against me.  She smelled sweet from the freshly-applied cherry lip gloss.  When she smiled, her eyes sparkled as much as her pink, shiny lips.  “Lots.”  Arloe ran her hands through my damp hair to spike it up and took a step back to admire her handiwork.  “But now I’m thirsty.  Can we get something to drink?”
      She had me so totally captivated that when the pump clicked off, I jerked.  Arloe smirked, but I pretended not to notice and replaced the nozzle.  “Sure.  Witch Hazel will hook us up inside.”
     She stared at me with her eyebrows lowered and shoved her hands in the back pockets of her acid-washed, body-hugging jeans.  “Who?”
     I shrugged.  “Never mind.  Bad joke.” 
     She gently slapped my hand.  “Racer, stop.” 
     Without realizing I’d done it, my stubby fingernails had scratched the area around my dagger tat to a bright red.  I shoved my hand in my pocket. 
     While she examined my bicep, she grimaced.  Her smooth fingers glided along my skin, but her voice had lost its sexy edge.  “Racer Roane.  You should’ve gone back to the tattoo shop.  It’s been two weeks and you’re still messin’ with it.”  She leaned back and stared into my eyes.  “Maybe it’s infected…or the ink was bad.”
     The first two tattoos never bothered me like that one had, and it did concern me.  I just didn’t want Arloe to know it.  Besides, I couldn’t do anything about it now anyway.
     Arloe pulled her silky hair back into a ponytail and swatted at a fly that attacked her face.
     I shooed the fly away and pushed a few stray strands of hair from her eyes.  “Just think, you could be in Spain taking classes right now, but you gave up the opportunity for all this.”
     She surveyed the empty desert and turned back to me, holding my calloused hands in her delicate ones.  Her eyes showed determination and a spark of renewed energy.  “No, I gave it up for you.  For us.  We’ll see Spain one day.  Together.” 

About the Author:

T.W. Kirchner is the author of the Pirates Off middle grade series and The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich young adult series. Besides writing, she loves tennis, yoga, painting and gardening.  She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, two children, and furry menagerie known as the Kirchner Zoo.

Twitter: @TinaInLV

Author Interview Questions
Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Please answer the following questions; you also have the option of changing some questions if you feel that you would be more at ease with other questions, or just answering a min of 15.
Author Name: T.W. Kirchner
When did you first consider yourself a “writer”?  I didn’t really feel like I could call myself a writer or an author until I published my first book, but I shouldn’t have felt that way. If you write, you’re a writer, and if you have books written whether they’re published or not, you’re an author.
How long did it take to get your first book published? It took about eight years from the time I decided to write a book until my manuscript was published.
Do you do another job except for writing and can you tell us more about it? I started writing as a stay-at-home mom, doing most of my writing during the late-night and early morning hours. I’ve been working for the last couple of years as a part-time editor for website content. My job is probably not as fun as a book editor’s, but I do read some interesting material and learn something new almost every day.
What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say? My latest book is Dagger & Brimstone: Town from Hell. Think of the worst vacation ever, and the one these teens are on is even worse.
Who is your publisher? Or do you self-publish? My publisher is Short on Time Books.
How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it? Town from Hell took about two years to complete. Most of my books are middle grade, so they’re about half the length and take about a year to write.
What can we expect from you in the future?  ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre? I plan on completing the Dagger & Brimstone series and would love to do more supernatural or horror books. I also have a fourth book in the works for the Pirates Off middle grade series.
How long have you been writing?, and who or what inspired you to write? I’ve always loved to write. I was the kid who would write a two-page paper when one page would have been sufficient. I actually decided to write because I wanted to illustrate a picture book. When I learned more about the business, I realized that wasn’t in the cards. I also found out that I like to write more than 500 words and soon settled into middle grade writing. Once I’d written a few middle grade manuscripts, I tried my hand at longer, young adult stories.
Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? ie You listen to music, sit in a certain chair? I had to laugh when I read the question. Sometimes, I don’t even get to sit in a chair. Most of my work is written late at night because I don’t have much time to just sit down and write during the day. My kids and small “zoo” have kept me very busy. Many times, I only have 15 minutes to dump information from my head into a story before I rush out the door.
Do you read all the reviews of your book/books? Yes, I read them all. Any feedback is good feedback, even if it’s not exactly what you’d like to hear. I feel I can learn something from all of it.
Do you choose a title first, or write the book then choose the title? For the first book in a series or a standalone manuscript, I usually write the book before I choose a title. Usually, the second and subsequent books have titles before they’re written.
How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books? Some of my characters are named after family and friends such as Tommy, Connor, and Dil from my Pirates Off series and many of the supporting characters in The Troubled Souls of Goldie Rich series. I’ve also run through many baby name’s lists. I like names that are easy to pronounce but aren’t common.
Do you decide on character traits (ie shy, quiet, tomboy girl) before writing the whole book or as you go along? I have a basic idea of what my characters are like before I begin the story, and I even make a list of character traits to make sure that they stay ‘in character.’ As situations arise in the books, they usually pick up more traits.
Are there any hidden messages or morals contained in your books? (Morals as in like Aesops Fables type of "The moral of this story is..") I don’t try to put any hidden messages into the books, but I do like happy endings.
Which format of book do you prefer, eBook, hardback, or paperback? I prefer paperbacks, but I am not opposed to reading any format.
Do you think books transfer to movies well? Which is you favorite/worst book to movie transfer? I think some books make great movies such as Harry Potter. Of course, the books have so many more details that the movies couldn’t possibly squeeze into two hours, but they do the books justice. The Mortal Instruments series were good books, but the movie didn’t capture enough of the first book for me, although it was entertaining.
Your favorite food is? Dark chocolate.
Your favorite singer/group is? I like a lot of groups and singers. I guess my most recent CD purchases were Keith Urban, Chris Young, Luke Bryan and Nickelback.
Your favorite color is? Green.

Once again thank you for the interview.

Karen Swart - Portals to new worlds

Mom With A Kindle’s Author Interview Questions

1.    If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
That’s easy—the power to transport from place to place instantly.
2.    Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
It’s always rewarding when anyone, especially a child, tells me how much they loved my book.
3.    Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
Dagger & Brimstone: Town from Hell will scare and entertain you while piquing your curiosity.
4.    Favorite food?
Dark chocolate.
5.    What book are reading now?
Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
6.    What’s your favorite season/weather?
I love the spring. It’s great tennis and hiking weather and fun to plant flowers and vegetables in my garden.
7.    What was your favorite children's book?
When I was young, I loved the Happy Hollisters series written by Jerry West.
8.    Beach or Pool?
Beach for sure.  I love to build sandcastles, to hear the sound of the waves and the salt-air smell that’s by the ocean.
9.    What is one book everyone should read?
That’s tough because not everyone has the same taste in books. Of course, I’d recommend Dagger & Brimstone: Town from Hell if you like supernatural stuff.
10. Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?
I have another book in the Pirates Off series almost completed—at least, the first draft, and book 2 for the Dagger & Brimstone series is in the development stage. One of these days, I hope to get my two picture books published.

Eclipse Reviews Character Interview Questions
Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Please answer the following questions; you also have the option of changing some questions if you feel that you would be more at ease with other questions. This can be serious or quirky it’s all up to your character.
Character Name: Racer Roane
Character Bio: Seventeen-year-old Racer likes to ride motorcycles and work on cars. He’s a speed demon and thrill seeker. He likes to play basketball with his friends once in a while. He has a gold stud in his left ear, a cubic stud in his nose, an eyebrow ring and three tattoos: A scorpion on his forearm, hawk on his shoulder, and dagger on his bicep.

If you can add a dreamcast pic of the character that would be awesomeJ
Braeden Lemasters
Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?
My worst quality is probably that I’m rule-challenged. I have trouble following rules. Rules are usually stupid, so I bend them until they break. I did get slapped with a couple misdemeanors when I was twelve, but I don’t push my luck that much anymore. My best quality is I have an awesome girlfriend. Does that count?
What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?
I’m really not as bad as people make me out to be. They just don’t try to get to know me. The tattoos and piercings freak some people out, and my old man’s reputation hasn’t helped the family name either.
What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?
Well, if I spilled it, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?
What are you most afraid of?
I’m afraid that Arloe will snap to her senses and won’t want me as her boyfriend.
What do you want more than anything?
I want to be with Arloe forever.
What is your relationship status?
How would you describe your sense of fashion?
I like jeans, T-shirts and boots. The more worn out and comfortable they are the better.
How much of a rebel are you?
I thought I covered that already? I’m not good at following rules. I like doing my own thing. I mind my business, and everyone else should stay out of mine—except they don’t.
What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?
Surviving this long. Between the scum my old man hangs out with and my own stupidity, it’s a miracle.
What is your idea of happiness?
Doing anything with Arloe. I also like to just take off on my bike and ride fast. It feels like complete freedom.
What is your current state of mind?
Scrambled. I know what’s in my future, and I haven’t told Arloe yet.
What is your most treasured possession?
I guess my bike. I don’t really have anything of sentimental value. 
What is your most marked characteristic?
My dagger tattoo.
What is it that you, most dislike?
Rules.  I know we covered that.
Which living person do you, most despise?
Person? Sythhos bumped Arloe’s dad from the number one spot.
What is your greatest regret?
My dagger tattoo.
What is the quality you most like in a man?
Bravery. Even if a man doesn’t feel brave, he should act brave.
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Thoughtfulness. Arloe always does things to show me she cares. If she’s stopping for one of her frothy coffee drinks, she’ll grab me a bottle of my favorite iced tea and surprise me. She hides notes in my jacket pockets or on my bike that say ‘have a nice day’ or something. When I find them, it makes me smile. Oh, man.  That sounds sappy, but it’s really cool.
Who is your favorite hero in fiction?
Spiderman. That would be awesome to climb buildings like he does and shoot webbing from my hands.
Which living person do you most admire?
That’s a hard question. I admire people that don’t judge others, and people that really want to help other people and animals because they care, and parents that really give a…really love their kids and want to do the best they can for them.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I wish I would think things through. If I’d done that, Arloe and I wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in, but I know me. I still won’t learn.
What is your motto?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Once again thank you for the interview.
Eclipse Reviews

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